John Nebl


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“Everyone benefits when each individual on your team knows how to remain effective under pressure.”

Communicate in the midst of stress

Stress is unavoidable, individually and within organizations. But it is also manageable.

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant for Verbal Defense and Influence, I’ve helped transform institutions and empower individuals, by helping them learn and apply a set of communication skills that address and alleviate pressure-filled situations.

Ineffective communication and impulsive reaction in the midst of stress destroys reputations, profits, jobs, relationships and even lives. Let me teach your organization how to:

  • Prevent conflict
  • Reduce emotional / physical violence
  • Improve cooperation and collaboration
  • Lower customer complaints
  • Avoid litigation

At this website you can learn more about me, send me an email, review my client list and feedback, and review the services I provide. To visit our national site, please go to:

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